Robert S. Hutner, D.M.D., Family & Cosmetic Dentistry



I've chosen to practice dentistry in a small practice setting where I have the opportunity to set a relaxed pace and take the time to do thorough evaluations and discussions of treatment alternatives. I enjoy finding creative solutions to various challenging situations. This might mean working out a treatment plan involving the best that dentistry has to offer, or it might mean trying to find the most practical and affordable solution to accommodate your needs until the ideal might be possible at a later time.

Let's face it. Dentistry can be stressful for both patient and dentist. I've invested in technologies that I think make my work and your experience less stressful, and that allow me to achieve satisfying results. Even more important than the technology however, is the importance of a continual striving to improve and to exercise good judgment in making decisions that favor the patient's best interest. These goals are supported by an exceptional team.

I hope you'll find the atmosphere and tone of the practice conducive to your comfort, whether it's the beautiful picture window views, the relaxing music, or the friendly staff. We're here to help, patiently address all your concerns, and give you and your family some wonderful dental care experiences!